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gokaigato asked: what about Sarah in 9!?


Why you do this? :,(

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jacktryoshka asked: In fancy clothes!


I wish I dressed as fancy as my ocs! >:,(

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Anonymous asked: Hey there are a lot of post you made and I've been trying to find Alice's bio I don't know if you can send me the link or explain more about her. I'm guessing her an donatello are lovers and had a child and your tent Shen and leo are daddy daughter? (IM SORRY IM SO CONFUSED :(. )


Don’t worry, friend! It’s okay!! You should be confused because I hardly post any info about my characters on this site! That’s completely my fault! :,D

I’ll do my best to explain~! I always get nervous explaining these things because I’m always tweaking things!

I’m just gonna put a cut under here because this might be a long post!

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Anonymous asked: #8 PLEZ :3 (art meme)


8. In fancy clothes
Here Anon! Have Alice in this poka dotted dress! :,)
Thanks jacktryoshka for helping me with this!

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Anonymous asked: Donnie in 7 maybe idk


You anon’s are after my heart! Asking for all my favorite characters! :,)

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pasteljellyfish asked: i love your art *o*


Me??? Really?? :,)
imageWow! Thank you so much! That means a lot! 
I’ve seen your stuff and your artwork is just PRECIOUS.

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